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PodFix Presents is the collaborative output of the PodFix Network. We'll be putting out multiple shows in the future, each with their own seasons. If one show is not your fancy, don't worry: a new one will replace it in the rotation after it's over. The current season of Podfix Presents is:

wizard rewind episode 5

2005's Mega Movie Issue was a sight to behold! This episode features a PodfixCrossover with Tom from Jake & Tom Conquer the World and Nick of the Epic Film Guys.

Topics Include:

•On the Set Visit To The First “Fantastic Four” Movie

•Sam Rami Sat Down To Talk About The Pre-Production On “Spider-Man 3”

•Bryan Singer is Interviewed About The Upcoming “Superman Returns”

•Pre-Production is Ramping Up At New Line For “Iron Man”, Directed By Nick Cassavettes

•Detailed Looks At The New Costume & Batmobile for “Batman Begins”

•The Great Debate -
Best Hero: Spider-Man or Wolverine?

Best Villain: Magneto or Jack Nicholson’s Joker?

Best Director: Bryan Singer or Sam Raimi?

Best Spidey Villain: Green Goblin or Doctor Octopus?

Best Supporting Character: Harry Osborn or Nightcrawler?

Best Cult Movie: “Blade” or “The Crow”?

Hottest Chick In Spandex: Rebecca Romijn or Michelle Pfeiffer?

Best Fight Scene: Spidey vs Doc Oc, or Wolverine vs an Army?

Best Batman: Michael Keaton or Val Kilmer?

Worst Heroine: Batgirl or Supergirl ?

Best Indie Movie: “American Splendor or “Ghost World”?

Worst Bat Villain: Mister Freeze or Two-Face?

Worst Movie: Catwoman or Hulk?

Best Film: Spider-Man 2 or X2?

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