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PodFix Presents is the collaborative output of the PodFix Network. We'll be putting out multiple shows in the future, each with their own seasons. If one show is not your fancy, don't worry: a new one will replace it in the rotation after it's over. The current season of Podfix Presents is:

PodFix Fantasy Football League

Week 1 of the Podfix Fantasy League is now in the books! Wesley Younger and Bryan Shampu look back at the action in the first week of the NFL season and the first ever matchups of the Podfix Fantasy League.

We discuss the debut of Kareem Hunt and the big fantasy scorers from last week as well as under perfrorming stars and devastating injuries like David Johnson, who's wrist injury has huge implications throughout the NFL and almost every Fantasy League. Not to mention your weekly dose of shit talking and Jay Cutler hate.