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The Countdown is a comedic podcast offering REAL, honest movie and TV reviews while counting down lists for both. Covering everything from the best war films to the top chick flicks, hosts Paul and Wayne aren't afraid to get stuck into each other for their choices and opinions on a weekly basis!

The Epic Film Guys is a film comedy podcast celebrating our love of movies. We've got feature reviews, epic previews, booze & the Hobster... and you never know what kind of crazy fun we're up to! Head on down to the dumpster behind Ned Divine's Bar and join Nick and Justin for new shows every Thursday. Call the Epic Roast Line and give us hell at 607.444.1473!

Variety show with interviews, stories, discussions and a healthy dose of nonsense. Our guests have included a viral YouTube star, a former child actor, and a professional merman. We’ve even had a guy on who may have solved the DB Cooper case. It's a delicious box of audio chocolate. You never know what you will get. New episodes late Sunday night. Wake up and listen to us on your drive into work. There is no better way to start off your week. Right, Greg? The GravityBeard Podcast: It's what you're ears will want to be listening to.

On "How Have You Not Seen" hosts Carl Burgason and Carson Betts fill in the gaps in each other's cinematic knowledge by asking each other "How have you not seen..." Each week they pick one of their favorite movies that the other hasn't seen. Then they talk about it. Then they watch the movie. Then they talk about it, again. It's gonna be a good time.

We are cinephiles and dedicated to our love of art and film. Regardless of genre, whether it's an indie or blockbuster, or who may be involved, we love discussing and analyzing everything that is film. You can hear us discuss a variety of topics on the InSession Film Podcast, whether it be reviews, lists or other film related discussion. 

Jake and Tom are two lifelong friends who bonded over some very simple things:

1)Reading Comic Books

2)Sitting Their Asses In Front of a Screen




Throughout the years, they have gathered so much useless knowledge about superheroes, television & movies that it's hard to believe that they ever moved out of their mom's basements, let alone maintained their marriages.


Join them every Sunday as they discuss the latest in geek news, review the newest superhero movies & television, talk with some of their favorite comic book creators, and just generally pass the time talking about all the nerdy stuff that got them beat up in high school.



More Gooder Than is a weekly podcast in which we rate and dissect pop culture, one argument at a time. Chris, Donnie, and Cory will each take a stance on a movie, actor, character, episode or whatever else we feel like defending and try to determine who's side is the Most Goodest. After the hilarity concludes, hopefully we'll have both entertained and educated you; at least, educated you on our opinions.

A long time ago, in the distant year 2016... two best friends decided to lampoon the hard work that their other friend had done in creating the Epic Film Guys by creating a terrible, dollar store version of it. From this tiny seed of snarkiness grew the monument to overindulgence that has been called the internet's premier source for Netflix news, reviews, and booze. If you want to know where to find the best streaming content while listening to an abundance of dick jokes and slurred phrases, Netflix 'N Swill is the place to be.


This is a podcast all about movies through the years, and taking a laid back look at films from then to now. Hosted by two film buffs and a guy they are trying to get to watch more movies.

Each episode, join Ashlee as she looks back on and reviews a different TV series in its entirety. She covers shows ranging from TV Land favorites to modern day classics; From Bewitched to Breaking Bad, Rabbit Ears wants to discuss it! Each show features some super-fan guest hosts to give their favorite moments, memories & critiques. Join us for a trip back in time paired with some comedic commentary!

Video games, Movies, Comic books, Collectables, Nerds, and Alcohol. This is Shaken Not Nerd!

Join the Boys Ian “Footlong”, Tom “Saladas”, and Dudi as they discuss the latest in Pop culture and nerdy news, review movies and video games, play against each other in quizzes, debate unsatisfying deaths in star wars, discuss the best and worst Nintendo characters and consoles, even go to conventions and ask hard hitting questions such as “does pineapple belong on pizza” (it does.. duh!)

So grab a drink, turn on your Xbox, put on your Stormtrooper helmet, throw on your crocs and get ready for a good time! (None of the hosts own crocs – they just want you to look silly)

One married couple. Thousands of movies she's NEVER seen. We are So I Married A Movie Geek! Join hosts Krissy & Justin on this wild ride as we introduce Krissy to the classic (and often not-so-classic) films of the past & present, drink copious amounts of alcohol, dissect and sometimes deflect from the subject at hand.  FYI, each SIMAMG podcast has lots and lots of spoilers. So be aware. One new episode posted every MONDAY if we can keep that up. We have kids!

A weekly show that focuses on current topics in geek film news. Hosts Dave and Jay will go through their week and discuss a wide range of topics including reviews, spotlights on classic films, Top 5 lists, movie trailer reactions, & Indie Film reviews. All this w/craft beer reviews and a ton of laughs (mostly at Jays expense) too.

Slightly cynical, Southhern Cinephiles fueled by nostalgia and plagued by tangents.

Each week your host Wesley is joined by Alex, Derek and Beebz and by combining their formidable powers they create the Core 4. Together they discuss all the news and recent releases in the world of Movies, while also reminiscing on the Movies & TV of their youth.

Also, be sure to check out VIA VHS's other show Rewind Review. Wesley is joined by other Movie podcasters and even members of the Core 4, to look back at specific films from the VCR era.

Bradlee Jay, Fuzzy Dan, and Neeko. Three friends taking two movies and making them touch each other in one podcast. The format is simple. Every week we watch two movies, tenuously linked by a bad pun, and put them in a conversational blender. There's no intent to be professional movie critics. We are just a bunch of guys having yarns in a comfy lounge, whilst getting fairly inebriated. If you're looking for a serious film review podcast, there a plenty of awesome ones out there. Some focus on new movies. Some focus on bad movies. We focus on good drinks and bad jokes; the movies are secondary. If this sounds like your bag, we highly recommend that you grab a few beers, sit back with some friends, enjoy the movies and laugh along with us. We'd be sad if you didn't