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THIS IS 2 GIRLS ON A BENCH! We’re two young (at heart) women (44 is the, uh, well, the new 44) working on a screenplay, working full time and trying to be creative on the side and on the weekends.
In our 26 years of friendship, (listen when we started this we were girls) whenever we sit on a bench together anywhere in the world, we always see something unique happen.
Each episode we take on a writing prompt, snack our woes away and sometimes visit our vault of old ideas. Join us as we procrastinate, a lot. Maybe you’ve had writers block. Or really wanted to watch Netflix instead of writing your screenplay, novel, tv series or grocery list. If so, then this is the podcast for you.

Podcast 42 is the World’s Most Popular Inaccurate And Sometimes Squirreled Retelling Of Pop Culture History Podcast. Join the hosts as they tackle one subject per episode and bring you the untold (and told) story in a fun and unique way. Take the pop quiz, learn random facts pulled out of a fishbowl (it’s a real fishbowl, we will send you picture proof if you like), hear celebrities badly impersonated, and learn about a new beer each week. You can also chime in on any topic past or present with our hotline: 813-708-9717. Topics are posted on our twitter every Monday at @podcast42show and in our Facebook group: The Official Podcast 42 Facebook group. New shows released every Thursday.

A Dash of Science is a podcast dedicated to the discussion of science, engineering, technology, education and even history through the lens of science and logic in a way that everyone can participate and understand.

We are Bad Reception, a weekly podcast about cancelled, obscure and otherwise unloved TV shows. Whether the critics hated it, audiences ignored it, or the network pulled the plug, hosts Mike and Morgan are here to make the best of bad TV.
Every week we choose a show we have never seen and know little to nothing about, and take our best (and usually wildly absurd) guesses on what we might be getting ourselves into. Then we watch an episode and talk all about our painful experience. Our misery is your entertainment! But no matter how awful a show is, we always find something nice to say.

Each week on Fancounters, Nick and Elizabeth are joined by a celebrity guest to talk about their encounters with fans. Almost everyone has a story about the time they ran into a celebrity, but what is that encounter like for the star? On Fancounters, you'll hear exclusive celebrity stories about working in Hollywood and what it takes to succeed. Released on Friday mornings, Fancounters is a perfect way to start your weekend!

The Filmmakers Podcast is all about film making.
Regular hosts Giles Alderson (The Dare), Dan Richardson (Retribution), Andrew Rodger (World of Darkness) and Christian James (Fanged Up) discuss how to get films made, how to actually make them and how to try not to f... it up in their very humble opinion.
From studio film-making to making micro budget indie films and everything in between. A must for any filmmaker, director, screenwriter, producer, actor or film lover

Chatting with guests which have included Mark Strong (Kingsman), Jack Tarling (God's Own Country), Joey Ansah (Bourne), Andy Nyman (Ghost Stories), Rupert Graves (Sherlock), Ben Caron (The Crown) Mark Sanger (Gravity) and many more all about the craft of making films.

New episode released every Tuesday

Talk show covering all the nonsense of The GravityBeard Interns on Facebook. Often described as serious conversations about the dumbest things ever. Also, an occasional celebrity interview or round table discussion.

Hi we are Lisa and Sam from I Shake My Head! We podcast about nothing...yup nothing! We promise to never teach you a thing that's relevant to your life...pinky swear! If our 18+ friendship has taught us anything, its it's that we are slightly left of center! We are two 50 (ish) year old women from Canada who podcast in a car... even in -40C weather! It's where our strangest and funniest conversations happen! We over share (Lisa is the worst) and disagree about everything! We laugh at life, stress but mostly at ourselves! What's an hour out of your week? Laugh with us or at us, we don't care cause we're! Why not let us be the least stressful part of your week!

We are cinephiles and dedicated to our love of art and film. Regardless of genre, whether it's an indie or blockbuster, or who may be involved, we love discussing and analyzing everything that is film. You can hear us discuss a variety of topics on the InSession Film Podcast, whether it be reviews, lists or other film related discussion.

It’s not rocket surgery

It’s Not Rocket Surgery is a Science, Technology & Geek Culture Radio Show on Melbourne’s 98.9 NorthWestFM. It goes out live on Sunday nights at 10.30PM until after midnight Melbourne time… which is 11.30AM in the UK, and 7.30AM for those in Trinidad & 6.30AM on the east coast of the US.Listen to the show on live on 98.9FM if you’re in the broadcast zone, otherwise you can catch the show on the NorthWestFM station stream online at, or on the TuneIn Radio app. Alternatively, you can listen to the podcasts posted on this site.

Join in on the conversation by texting the show on 0447777989, like and join us our Facebook page or tweet us @RcktSrgry

More Gooder Than is a weekly podcast in which we rate and dissect pop culture, one argument at a time. Chris, Donnie, and Cory will each take a stance on a movie, actor, character, episode or whatever else we feel like defending and try to determine who's side is the Most Goodest. After the hilarity concludes, hopefully we'll have both entertained and educated you; at least, educated you on our opinions.

Pop Up Film Cast

Pop Up Filmcast is a weekly podcast where Keith, Derek and an esteemed guest fabricate fictional film festivals.

We talk about movies, you get easier binge watching decisions.

The Podcast Discovery Show

Kirk and Josh discuss what podcasts they have been listening to, and make recommendations for each other and the audience to listen to each week

One married couple. Thousands of movies she's NEVER seen. We are So I Married A Movie Geek! Join hosts Krissy & Justin on this wild ride as we introduce Krissy to the classic (and often not-so-classic) films of the past & present, drink copious amounts of alcohol, dissect and sometimes deflect from the subject at hand. FYI, each SIMAMG podcast has lots and lots of spoilers. So be aware. One new episode posted every MONDAY if we can keep that up. We have kids!

A weekly show that focuses on current topics in geek film news. Hosts Dave and Jay will go through their week and discuss a wide range of topics including reviews, spotlights on classic films, Top 5 lists, movie trailer reactions, & Indie Film reviews. All this w/craft beer reviews and a ton of laughs (mostly at Jays expense) too.

Turn of phrases podcast

I explore the origins and histories of idioms, metaphors, old wives tales, superstitions, and more. Come along with me as I turn phrases inside out. #turningphrases #toppers #lendmeyourears #etymology

Weird With You is a comedy podcast that trickles through your unsuspecting ears like a slow and viscus river of maple syrup. Straight outa the frigid Canadian wilderness of Toronto, join Justine and Santiago as they tickle your funny bone, and gently caress your humorous with a slew of off the wall topics, silly tangents, and ridiculous segments. Weird With You isn’t afraid to ask the tough questions you never knew you needed answers to: “Would The Lord of the Rings have been shorter if Frodo had been a drone?” “What are the funeral rites of the common Christmas elf?” and “Are pugs a myth?”

Join us every Wednesday for your weekly dose of weird, conversational quirk.

Come for the podcast, stay for our totally legit, not at all made up sponsors